At North Labs, we are hiring a Delivery Engineer with both technical and business skills. The Delivery Engineer is a critical link between North Labs and its clients. Once engaged, North Labs will rely heavily on the Delivery Engineer to ensure that its standard of excellence for servicing clients is being met and exceeded at all times.

Responsibilities with Clients:

  • Lead the Discovery Sprints with clients in order to determine their goals and needs. This will require the Delivery Engineer to consider all of the potential stakeholders from whom input will be needed.
  • Understand the client’s business and work culture.
  • Communicate business goals to the technical team and determine with the technical team the best ways to accomplish them.
  • Create a sprint-based roadmap that will be delivered to the client at the culmination of the Discovery Sprint.
  • Ensure the roadmap is being followed appropriately once the sprints are underway.
  • Manage the flow of information about the sprint between North Labs and the client.
  • Lead the planning sessions with the client for any subsequent sprints, as well as “debrief” sessions with the client regarding completed sprints.
  • Ownership of the success of a client engagement.

Responsibilities with the team:

  • Work with the Director of Engineering to help determine which members of the available technical team are best suited for any particular client engagement/project.
  • Work very closely with the members of the North Labs Service Delivery (SD) Team to ensure that client satisfaction is being maintained.
  • Provide the SD team with the appropriate tasks for any given sprint so that the SD team can build the necessary infrastructure and scheduling for sprint management.
  • The Delivery Engineer and the SD team must work closely together to manage the sprints to maintain a path toward meeting the stated goals.
  • Assist the Sales Team with technical knowledge when necessary, and will be expected to interact with prospective clients in conjunction with the Sales Team, as necessary.

Skills and experience:

  • 2+ years of experience as a Business Intelligence associate
  • 2+ years of experience as an Analytics Engineer OR Data Analyst
  • Effective communication skills. Due to the nature of the Delivery Engineer role, this is an absolute. The Delivery Engineer must be comfortable engaging with clients very frequently and often on very important and/or complicated issues that have technical and business implications.

Mandatory certifications:

  • AWS (Associate-Level)